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boy vs dragon® is a creative studio that provides consultancy across a spectrum of design disiplines, our portfolio includes music packaging, logo design, print design, broadcast design, illustration, animation, audio and interactive media. Our clients are large and small, encompassing a wide range of industries.

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Matthew Curry was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1975. He grew up between Detroit, MI, and Wilmington, DE. His award-winning artwork has been profiled by Apple, earned him two Grammy-Nominations and an artist talk feature on VICE®. Matthew’s artwork and design have been commissioned by Fortune 500 Companies and hang in galleries and private collections all over the world. Matthew operates out of his studio in Georgetown (Washington D.C.) with the support of his wife Eugenia and their son, Alexander.
AT&T, Intel, Scion, VH-1, Sony Music, National Geographic, WIRED, Conde Nast, Thievery Corporation,ESL Music, SWBID, Corcoran College of Art & Design and several award-winning design agencies, art directors and PR professionals.
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VICE Profile
Intel: Day in the life

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Grammy Nomination, Best Record Packaging of Radio Retaliation, Thievery Corporation, ESLMusic

Grammy Nomination, Best Record Packaging of Versions, Thievery Corporation, ESLMusic

STEP Inside Design, 100 Annual Award for Best Recording Package of Versions, Thievery Corporation, ESLMusic

Art Director’s Club of Metropolitan Washington DC Gold Award for Best Packaging of Versions, Thievery Corporation, ESLMusic

Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington (ADCMW), Silver Award for Best Packaging of The Corcoran College of Art + Design Interactive Brochure

Communications Design Annual 47 for Audio/Visual Packaging “Versions”

STEP Inside Design, 50 Best of Web Design for personal portfolio “"

Video: “Matthew Curry - Day in the Life” by RUN RIOT


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Video: “Matthew Curry - Day in the Life” by RUN RIOT

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